• Now pay attention, 007. As one age ends, another one begins. With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of King Charles III to the throne, both the United Kingdom and Ian Fleming's fictional creation James Bond [...]

    By Published On: September 17th, 2022
  • The year 2022 is the 60th Anniversary of James Bond on the Big Screen and there have already been some great events to help celebrate 007's longevity and global fame, such as the re-release of all the James Bond movies [...]

    By Published On: July 30th, 2022
  • Live and Let Drive! The new 30th series of the BBC's popular primetime motoring programme Top Gear, which has Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff as the main hosts and started its latest run on Sunday, 14th March, includes [...]

    By Published On: March 15th, 2021
  • The UK's main ITV channel has been continuing with its summer season of Daniel Craig Bond films and, as Skyfall is rolled out as part of this, the JBIFC takes the opportunity to look back on Craig's third 007 adventure [...]

    By Published On: June 20th, 2020
  • The UK's main ITV channel has a Bond season to mark the summer and, as Quantum of Solace (2008) is rolled out as part of this, we take the opportunity to look back on Daniel Craig's second James Bond adventure. [...]

    By Published On: June 8th, 2020
  • Do you have access to large amounts of private land, preferably somewhere in the desert, or a road network in a secluded forest where you could dispose of an unwanted passenger? A recent report in the London Times newspaper, 'No. [...]

    By Published On: June 2nd, 2020
  • Double-o Heaven! The new issue of the popular UK sci-fi and fantasy magazine Starburst for March 2020 is an eye-catching No Time To Die special, celebrating the 25th entry in the EON franchise with ten glossy pages of thoughtful coverage. In [...]

    By Published On: March 23rd, 2020
  • Now pay attention, 007. It has been called the 'Most Famous Car in the World', and has become so strongly associated in the public mind with the James Bond film series that the car has retained a presence even in [...]

    By Published On: August 18th, 2019
  • The Annual James Bond Day this year will include a special screening of (00)3 James Bond 007 adventures at the BFI (British Film Institute) in central London, together with some special guests to introduce the movies, including David Arnold (pictured). [...]

    By Published On: August 4th, 2019
  • 007 met the future King of England recently. The Pinewood Studios set of the new James Bond adventure received a very special visit on Thursday, 22nd June, when HRH Prince Charles was invited to meet 007 star Daniel Craig and B25 [...]

    By Published On: June 21st, 2019
  • From Le Mans champions to the big-screen James Bond's favourite car and on to today's supercars, a beautifully produced new book, Aston Martin DB, written by motoring expert Andrew Noakes, will be a must-have buy both for 007 fans and more [...]

    By Published On: September 17th, 2017
  • Is 007 trying to outwit Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his white cat? Current James Bond star Daniel Craig recently teamed up with the online giving platform 'Omaze' to create a very special promo film for their new partnership. And this [...]

    By Published On: March 10th, 2017
  • It was the glossy spy movie that created another box-office triumph for EON and United Artists (UA), firmly established actor Sean Connery as a major star, and created the classic James Bond film formula, a template that many of the subsequent 007 movies would successfully follow. Its director, [...]

    By Published On: October 12th, 2016
  • Now pay very close attention, 007: you'll be driving the new Aston Martin DB11, complete with additional modifications, perfect for avoiding those annoying little traffic jams and for tracking down a certain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who has apparently escaped from prison. And [...]

    By Published On: August 20th, 2016
  • Double-O heaven! The latest issue of the glossy James Bond magazine MI6 Confidential has just been published and carries extensive coverage of Spectre, including its worldwide premieres, box-office performance and key marketing campaigns. There are also interviews with members of [...]

    By Published On: March 26th, 2016
  • Double-O Heaven! The Aston Martin car company, which is so heavily associated in the public's mind with the James Bond film series, unveiled its fantastic new DB11 model in early March. Aston Martin, of course, supplied a specially built DB10 [...]

    By Published On: March 9th, 2016
  • This years new Bond car is also next year's new Aston Martin DBS. On the set of Casino Royale we ask, is this 007's coolest ever car? Story by Jason Barlow (First published in Car Magazine June 2006) So, ladies [...]

    By Published On: October 14th, 2012
  • You’d better get out of our way… ‘We’re the first journalists in the world to drive the very special Bond Vanquish.’ The Aston Martin sits impassively on the Tarmac of the Millbrook providing ground in Bedfordshire, looking, well, [...]

    By Published On: May 1st, 2012