• The year 2012 was a truly great year for James Bond fans. Not only was there interest in all things 'Bond' due to the late Queen 'parachuting' into the Olympics Stadium and Craig's third Bond adventure Skyfall soon became a [...]

    By Published On: October 23rd, 2022
  • The UK's BBC Radio-4 have given Bond fans an early Xmas present by repeating some of the Toby Stephens 007 adventures, the highly-praised adaptations by Archie Scottney of the Ian Fleming novels, produced by Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres Productions. [...]

    By Published On: November 23rd, 2020
  • What did Bond 1 really think about Bond 3's interpretation of 007? After he had completed Diamonds Are Forever (1971), and stepped aside from the role that turned him into a global star, Sean Connery remained notably reluctant to comment [...]

    By Published On: August 12th, 2019
  • The sad news has been announced that the American actor John Gavin, who came tantalizingly close to becoming James Bond on the big screen in 1971, has passed away, aged 86, in Los Angeles. He died on Friday, February 9th. [...]

    By Published On: February 11th, 2018
  • Bond is Back! The fourth and most recent Daniel Craig 007 movie, Spectre, will receive its UK terrestrial TV premiere on the ITV-1 network on News Year's Day, 2018, at 8.00pm GMT. It is two years since the film, which [...]

    By Published On: December 23rd, 2017
  • In the pre-credits to Sean Connery's final EON James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever (1971), 007 thinks he has disposed of SPECTRE head Ernst Stavro Blofeld by pushing him headfirst into a large pool of boiling mud: 'Welcome to hell, Blofeld'. It was [...]

    By Published On: November 13th, 2016
  • The James Bond films were created, of course, for the big screen and have often served as the ultimate cinematic experience, but we should not forget the fact that the 007 movies have also had a television presence in Britain [...]

    By Published On: September 18th, 2016
  • The name's Blaize... John Blaize. This was the name that James Bond author Ian Fleming seriously considered giving to another of his creations, a dashing hero he developed for a possible film version of one of his non-fiction books, The Diamond [...]

    By Published On: July 24th, 2016
  • The JBIFC is very sad to report that the man with the golden touch, director Guy Hamilton, who helmed four 007 movies - including the iconic and much-loved Goldfinger (1964) - has died. He passed away on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016, aged [...]

    By Published On: April 22nd, 2016
  • Not many people realise that Ian Fleming's James Bond once saw a very brief BBC-TV incarnation, and this alternative version remains a bit of a 'lost moment' in 007 history. Fleming's famous literary hero appeared in a popular BBC arts programme in 1973, and was played [...]

    By Published On: April 17th, 2016
  • Date of Release World Premiere December 17th 1971, U.S.A Running Time 119 minutes James Bond Sean Connery Plot Blofeld holds the world to ransom with his diamond-powered laser satellite orbiting in space. [...]

    By Published On: April 7th, 2012