James Bond star Daniel Craig, along with his co-star Lea Seydoux and No Time To Die director Cary Fukunaga, took a photocall in sunny Italy on Monday morning (9th September).

Having just arrived in the country, the trio posed for photos in the beautiful and historic hilltop town of Matera, in southern Italy, where the Second Unit have already been busy for a number of weeks building sets and shooting some action sequences. The photocall took place just prior to Craig and Seydoux embarking on some filming, both in the town and in some outlying areas. This will include contributing to the action sequences, as well as some hotel and other scenes in the town.

Another Way To Die

Craig, looking super-cool in a light suit, had just flown in straight from the Toronto International Film Festival, where he had attended the premiere of his new whodunnit-style murder mystery Knives Out. The latter film, which is directed by Rian Johnson, received some high praise from critics at the Festival. The film’s entertaining plot revolves around Christopher Plummer, who plays mystery thriller writer Harlan Thrombey, but who is found dead on his 85th birthday. There are a whole range of possible suspects, and Daniel Craig plays Benoit Blanc, the detective tasked with solving the mystery and finding the culprit.

In a role very different from 007, Craig clearly embraced the role of the detective with relish, and his playful interpretation will surprise and delight many of his fans. Meanwhile, Craig quickly commenced work on the Matera filming for No Time To Die, and at one point the next day (Tuesday), he was spotted emerging from the set looking dusty and covered in fake blood. There are plans to utilize some other southern Italian locations, both in the immediate area and farther afield, including for a beachside sequence.

Welcome back to Italy, Mr. Bond: they’ve been expecting you.


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