Lea Seydoux and Monica BellucciThe two main Bond women in SPECTRE, Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci, who star alongside Daniel Craig in the movie, have been profiled in the new issue of the popular British style and culture magazine Loaded, which also has Seydoux on the front cover.

In a six-page profile for the magazine, the French actress, who plays Dr. Madeleine Swann in the upcoming 007 movie, talked mainly about her general film career and – inevitably – was also asked some questions about her new Bond role, which she diplomatically declined to answer. But the main theme of the profile is a set of 3 new glossy pictures of the lovely Ms. Seydoux, taken specially for the magazine.

Her female co-star in SPECTRE, the Italian actress Monica Bellucci (who plays Lucia Sciarra in the film) also received a 4-page profile in the magazine, and revealed that she was ‘over the moon’ to have been cast in the role. She said: ‘I am so happy to have the chance to work with this amazing cast’. Monica added: ‘Sam Mendes, Daniel Craig and I have so much respect for all those amazing actresses who have already worked on James Bond before, like Sophie Marceau and Eva Green and Rosamund Pike’.

Interestingly, she admitted that her favourite 007 was Sean Connery until Craig came along, but said she now thought Daniel ‘is perfect’ for the role of 007. Bellucci also paid homage to Christoph Waltz, commenting on ‘what an amazing actor he is’.

The magazine also provides a 2-page article on ‘Bond’s Maddest, Baddest Girls’, looking back on some of the Bond women of the previous entries in the 50-year old EON franchise, including Lotte Lenya, Luciana Paluzzi, Famke Janssen and Grace Jones. Perhaps it is appropriate that the magazine has decided that Grace Jones as ‘May Day’ should be placed at no.1 in the list of female baddies, as A View To A Kill is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year.

The latest issue of Loaded magazine (March, 2015) is on sale in the UK, priced £4.50.

Did You Know?

Popular legend has it that the German actress Lotte Lenya, who so memorably played the sinister SMERSH defector and SPECTRE operative Rosa Klebb in From Russia, With Love (1963), was often stopped by members of the public in the street, who wanted to check Lotte’s shoes for spikes! A critically acclaimed classical musician before she became an actress, who is also said to have had a great sense of humour, Lotte Lenya passed away in 1981, aged 83.

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