According to new reports in a US movie trade magazine and also in a leading industry blog, together with a story in a major UK newspaper, influential Hollywood insiders are tipping the new James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ for a possible Oscar in 2013.

The American trade journal The Hollywood Reporter and the British newspaper The Times have both carried claims that the 23rd James Bond movie, which is still riding high at the box office across the world, may be in a strong position to gain a nomination in one of the ‘big six’ Oscar categories – best film, director, actor, actress, supporting actor and supporting actress.

The respected trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter said: ‘When it comes to hitting the Oscar bull’s-eye, the first 22 James Bond movies mostly shot blanks. This time, it could be different’. The journal added that, in terms of awards prospects, ‘Skyfall’ has been hailed ‘as a smart and stylish retooling of the Bond machinery’.

Moreover, the influential movie blog,, has commented that ‘Skyfall’ is the first Bond film it can recall ‘getting truly serious Oscar talk’. Pete Hammond, the website’s awards columnist, commented: ‘Not only for the best picture but even in acting categories for supporting players Javier Bardem as the villainous Silva and Judi Dench with a particularly meaty turn as M’.

According to the UK’s newspaper The Times, such comments ‘chime with the critical consensus’ in Hollywood about the latest Bond film. Similarly, it is thought that the new 007 film could also be a serious contender for an award under the UK equivalent, the BAFTAs. Some sources are pointing to Roger Deakins as a strong possible contender for his excellent cinematography work on the new Bond movie, and also to Judi Dench for her powerful and well-received final performance as James Bond’s boss. The singer Adele’s main theme song for ‘Skyfall’ is also being mentioned as a possible award winner.

Interestingly, SONY Pictures recently released a list ‘for your consideration’ of the wide range of strong talent on display in ‘Skyfall’, as part of its preparations for the movie industry lobbying campaigns that take place in the run-up to the upcoming movie awards seasons. As the JBIFC noted recently, screenwriter John Logan, who was part of the writing trio behind ‘Skyfall’ and is a three-times Oscar-nominated writer himself, has also expressed high hopes that the new 007 movie will receive some mainstream Oscar recognition.

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