Spanish actor Javier Bardem has provided some further brief comments about his role as the villain in the new 007 adventure ‘Skyfall’.

In two new interviews, one given by telephone to a leading English-language newspaper in the Middle East, and one given directly to Spanish TV, Bardem offered some thoughts on the plot of ‘Skyfall’ and on his own role as the main baddie in the movie, Raoul Silva.

Speaking to ‘The National’, the newspaper of the Abu Dhabi Media Co, based in the UAE, Bardem said of the new Bond movie’s plot: ‘The story is very solid. There’s nothing light. It’s very strongly put together’. Reflecting on his chance to play in the iconic Bond series, he said: ‘It’s like a gift. I’m 43 years old, so I remember going to see the Bond movies with my father and mother’.

He added that Sam Mendes, the director, is ‘doing a great job’, and Daniel Craig is ‘very, very funny, a great colleague, and so strong… In my opinion, he’s a great Bond’.

Meanwhile, in an interview Bardem gave to the Spanish TV network TVE, the ‘Skyfall’ villain said of the new movie: ‘It’s a very beautiful and fun adventure’. He said the plot ‘is a super-powerful story’ and, on his own approach to the the role of the villain in the movie, he said Silva has meat ‘to put your teeth into and enjoy doing’.

Bardem added that Silva is out to give James Bond some tough treatment: ‘I’m decided to give him a hard time and the truth is I get to do it’.

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