A new Videoblog released by the official James Bond website puts the spotlight on 007’s famous Aston Martin DB5.

The new production Videoblog was placed on the site (www.007.com) on Thursday July 19, and contains some tantalising new glimpses of the role that Bond’s iconic vehicle will play in ‘Skyfall’. New production footage seen in the Videoblog includes a night-time scene with Daniel Craig’s 007 opening a warehouse door to reveal his DB5, with Dame Judi Dench’s ‘M’ standing nearby, quietly watching. She is then whisked away at speed, sitting in the front passenger seat of the car, next to Bond.

There are also some great shots of the Aston Martin driving through the rather grey and atmospheric Scottish glens. These scenes will be blended into some key sequences later shot at Hankley Common, in Surrey, which doubled for Scotland earlier this year.

Bond producer Michael G. Wilson said: ‘We’ve used different cars from time to time, but we always do come back to Aston Martin’. Later in the Videoblog, Wilson added that the Aston Martin DB5 is something of a signature car for Bond, and it’s something ‘audiences love to see’.

Director Sam Mendes also contributed to the Videoblog about the Aston. He talked about his childhood memories of the classic Corgi toys diecast model of the Aston Martin, with its ejector seat and rear bullet-proof window shield.

Interestingly, reflecting on the role the car will play in the new Bond movie, the ‘Skyfall’ director said that he ‘felt like it was a thematic thing – it is about the old and the new’. Mendes also said there is something about the last part of the movie which is deliberately, ‘very consciously’ there and ‘could have taken place in 1962’.

Note: The classic Corgi diecast model of the Aston Martin recalled with such fondness by Sam Mendes was one of the all-time best-selling toys of the 1960s. It was first released by Corgi in October, 1965, and immediately became a hit with children (and adults!) everywhere.


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