Prior to introducing a screening of the ‘Skyfall’ trailer at the Cannes Film Festival, new Bond girl Berenice Marlohe spoke briefly to the media about working with Daniel Craig.

According to the London ‘Evening Standard’, the French actress said there was little from what she had seen and read about the 44-year old James Bond actor to suggest that he had the charisma of 007 in real life. But after meeting Daniel, she admitted she found him ‘extremely sexy’.

Marlohe spoke to the press as she prepared to walk down the red carpet in Cannes, where the first trailer for ‘Skyfall’ was given a special screening on the beach on the evening of Monday May 21. The ‘Standard’ quoted the 33-year old actress as saying of the media coverage of Craig: ‘What you see in the magazines is very boring, because it’s cold and most of the time it doesn’t have charisma. What is very important is personality and what you have to say, because then it’s the magical aura you spread – it’s your personality’. She continued: ‘So when I got to meet him finally, he had such a beautiful humanity, very grounded, very nice personality, sense of humour, truly a great person. So this is what makes someone sexy or attractive’.

The London newspaper also noted an interview that Marlohe has given to the Collider showbusiness website, where she spoke about her character Severine in the new 007 movie: ‘You can’t put her in an obvious field like before, saying she’s a good girl, a bad girl, a Bond girl. She’s complex, like Daniel did for James Bond’.

Marlohe added: ‘We worked together with the costume department, and what’s great about James Bond movies is that you can find this femme fatale concept that you don’t see any more in movies… So the clothes are very glamorous and made in a femme fatale mood – very sexy and dark’. Marlohe, who was born in Paris, said she was thrilled to have found acting success in the English-speaking world and in Asia: ‘For years I wanted to have my break in France… but finally France didn’t want me. But I did it! So yes, I will go on with English and Asian projects’.

Despite the recent poor weather at Cannes, the unveiling of the new ‘Skyfall’ trailer by Marlohe has been one of the highlights of the Festival so far, and was met with enthusiasm by the watching guests, stars and media. Cannes is also witnessing the screening of five specially restored James Bond movies to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the iconic series.

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