RogerMoore_5Seven-times James Bond Sir Roger Moore has given an interview to a local county magazine in Britain in which he talked about his TV and film career and also strongly praised Daniel Craig’s interpretation of 007.

As part of the latest stage in his national speaking tour of the UK, Sir Roger will be appearing at three theatres in Surrey for his very successful ‘An Evening with Roger Moore’ talks (Guildford on October 29; Reading on November 2; and Wimbledon on November 17).

The former James Bond, who has just celebrated his 86th birthday (14th October), gave an interview to The Kingston Magazine, a free magazine which is distributed throughout the Kingston-on-Thames area and surrounding parts of the county of Surrey.

Sir Roger’s speaking tour will once again feature insider stories and exclusive anecdotes from what the magazine called ‘an extraordinary career’, where Moore is interviewed live on stage by his personal manager Gareth Owen (who co-authored Sir Roger’s autobiography My Word Is My Bond and his recent best-selling 50th Anniversary celebration of 007, Bond on Bond).

Sir Roger, in his usual characteristic humour, told The Kingston Magazine: ‘People didn’t seem too bored on the last tour. I didn’t hear any snoring and I suppose there was a smattering of applause’. He added: ‘I’ll talk about my origins, my work for charity, Bond of course, my friends, and a whole lot of other lies that I can dream up!’

As the magazine noted, although Sir Roger made his screen debut as an extra in the movie Caesar and Cleopatra when aged just 17, his initial acting success came through TV roles (in popular series such as Maverick, where he replaced James Garner in the 1960-61 season of the series). Then, in 1962, Moore won truly global recognition for his casting as Simon Templar in The Saint, which ran for six seasons until 1969, and was distributed throughout the world.

Moreover, it was his role as Templar that really brought him to the attention of the James Bond producers as a possible candidate for 007. The rest, as they say, is history. Moore clocked up 12 years as Bond, from 1973 to 1985, and was the longest-serving 007. When asked by the magazine why he was so successful as 007, Sir Roger laughed: ‘I look like a hero! That’s my talent!’

The magazine also took the opportunity to get Sir Roger’s verdict on the current 007, Daniel Craig, who will start shooting his fourth Bond adventure in 2014. Moore said of Craig’s interpretation: ‘He looks like a fellow who’s going to kill people. I like the whole approach. In fact, I think Skyfall is possibly the best Bond ever made. Daniel and Judi Dench were wonderful together. Sensational casting’.

The ex-Bond continued: ‘I always said Sean was undoubtedly the best. But I may have changed my mind. Daniel will be remembered. But choosing your favourite Bond really depends when you started seeing the films. People always give their age away when they say’.

Live and Let Drive

Fans of Sir Roger and also of The Saint were delighted to hear last month that the iconic Volvo car driven by Simon Templar in the 1960s TV series has been saved and fully restored.

It was revealed in the British press in September that the 1962 Volvo P1800 coupe driven by Moore has now been fully restored by car enthusiast Kevin Price, and went on display for the first time since being saved.

It’s a story of real hard work and true dedication. Kevin found the rotting car on a farm in north Wales 22 years ago, in 1991, sitting next to a barn and looking the worse for ware. He persuaded the owner to sell it to him and, acting as something of ‘saint’ himself, spent 10 years collecting parts for the car and then another 6 on the restoration.

It is good timing. The Saint is back in the news again after a recent remake, which was partly backed by the original Templar himself,  Sir Roger Moore.




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