According to the BBC, screenwriter John Logan, who was part of the writing trio that put together the storyline and script for ‘Skyfall’, has high hopes that the new Bond movie may win some serious film awards.

Natalie Jamieson, an entertainment reporter for the BBC, reported on November 7 that the three-times Oscar nominated screenwriter hopes that his work on ‘Skyfall’ will help the new 007 adventure gain recognition at next year’s movie awards.

As Jamieson noted, only two James Bond movies have collected Academy Awards in the last 49 years, and both were in the technical categories. Sean Connery’s third Bond movie ‘Goldfinger’ won Best Sound Effects in 1964, and the fourth 007 movie ‘Thunderball’ gained Best Visual Effects in 1965.

When he was asked whether ‘Skyfall’ could be the first James Bond movie to achieve mainstream Oscar recognition, John Logan replied: ‘Yes. I think we made a proper movie, which was our goal’.

Logan also offered some other comments to the BBC about 007. On the current state of the Bond franchise, he said: ‘I think we’ve established, and as have Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, we’ve established a tone that is the base line reality of Bond now’. He added: ‘So it can’t become camp, it can’t become grandiose in a bad way at this point, it simply has to be honest to the tone that we’ve worked so hard to create in Skyfall‘.

Interestingly, Logan not only played a key role in penning the ‘Skyfall’ script, but he also at one point had another indirect influence: it was reported in 2011 that he played a part in getting Ralph Fiennes a role in the new Bond adventure. The two men had collaborated on Fiennes’s critically acclaimed ‘Coriolanus’, and Fiennes revealed that Logan was partly responsible for him appearing in ‘Skyfall’ because, Fiennes said, Logan ‘wrote this really interesting part which is really quite fun’.

It was reported a few days ago that Logan is being lined up to work on the treatments for the next two Bond films, and he has commented in the past about his love of the Bond movies. He said at one point in 2011 that he ‘grew up on the Bond movies’ and they ‘are part of my life story’.

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