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A new Vlog has been released on the official James Bond site which explores some of the spectacular action sequences in SPECTRE, and it provides an excellent preview of some breathtaking thrills and spills from the sequences filmed in Austria, Mexico and Morocco.

The Video Log has contributions from the director Sam Mendes, Special Effects supervisor Chris Corbould, Second Unit director Alexander Witt, and First Assistant director Michael Lerman.

Sam Mendes, seen conversing and planning camera shots with his action team in the Austrian Alps and in Mexico City, at one point refers to his approach to the action in the new 007 movie: ‘The philosophy of the Bond franchise and mine in particular as a film-maker is do things for real, so you have to roll up your sleeves and work it out’.

At another point, Second Unit director Alexander Witt comments on a complex action sequence filmed on icy roads in snowy Austria, involving three cars and a plane, and explains that it is something that hasn’t been done before. Similarly, Michael Lerman, the First Assistant director, explains some of the context of the Mexican action, which involved some amazing stunts using a real helicopter, and also saw Daniel Craig walking along a rooftop ledge overlooking busy streets.

We also pick up some intriguing clues from Chris Corbould about what to expect in Morocco, when he refers to ‘a huge explosion’ he helped set up and detonate in the desert.

Sam Mendes also adds to the Vlog: ‘The tradition for Bond is always real stunts, real action, real explosions…’, while Corbould promises that: ‘It’s going to be a real rollercoaster ride’.

All the cinematography in the new Vlog looks crisp and superb, and in a short space of time the audience gets once again a real flavour of the close attention to detail, realism and style that have made the action sequences in the 007 franchise such an important ingredient in the overall James Bond formula over the years.

SPECTRE will premiere in London on October 26th. Are you ready??

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