The James Bond series is in its 50th Year, and wow is he looking good for his age. Over the 50 years there have been 23 movies, 6 Bonds, 7 writers, 3 M’s, 29 Baddies, countless gorgeous women and the infamous line “Bond, James Bond” has been uttered 23 times.

James Bond memorabilia is one of the most sought after movie memorabilia on the market, and why not, when you have a dashing young man and a gorgeous woman, it caters for all.

One of those gorgeous women can be seen in this vintage collectable Poster created in the 1970’s by Marler Haley for The Spy Who Loved me.


James Bond is played by Roger Moore in his third film of the Series and the very glamorous Anya Amostova is played by Barbara Bach. The pair risk life and limb to prevent a global nuclear war while trying to control the love/hate they have for each other.

While the Bond movies tend to follow a similar plot this isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually reassuring. You know what to expect and James Bond always delivers. With the release of Sky Fall approaching fast it is quickly becoming one of the most talked about movies of the year. But how well do you know your Bonds.

Knowing who played Bond is each of the movies is a handy piece of knowledge if you want to win your local pub quiz but it’s a one in six guess, it’s not a real skill. Putting all 23 of the James Bond Series in order, now, that is a skill worth talking about.

23 out of 23 – Stand aside Daniel Craig, you should be the next Bond
20 – 22 – Solid effort but you should take the day off work and watch more movies
15 – 19 – Needs more work, M would be disappointed in you
10 – 14 – Are you working for Dr No?
0 – 9 – Call yourself a Bond Fan!!!!

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