John Edmund Gardner (20 November 1926 – 3 August 2007) was an English spy and thriller novelist, best known for his James Bond continuation novels, but also for his series of Boysie Oakes books and three continuation novels containing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional villain, Professor Moriarty.

Gardner, an ex-Royal Marine commando, worked for a period as an Anglican priest, but he lost his faith and left the church after a short time. After a battle with alcohol addiction he wrote his first book, the autobiographical Spin the Bottle, published in 1964.

Gardner went on to write over fifty works of fiction, including fourteen original James Bond novels, and the novel versions of two Bond films.

1   Licence Renewed (1981)
2   For Special Services (1982)
3   Icebreaker (1983)
4   Role of Honour (1984)
5   Nobody Lives For Ever (1986)
6   No Deals, Mr Bond (1987)
7   Scorpius (1988)
8   Licence To Kill (1989) from the motion picture of Licence To Kill written by Michael G. Wilson and Richard Maibaum
9   Win, Lose or Die (1989)
10  Brokenclaw (1990)
11  The Man From Barbarossa (1991)
12  Death Is Forever (1992)
13  Never Send Flowers (1993)
14  Seafire (1994)
15  GoldenEye (1995) from the motion picture of GoldenEye story by Michael France, screenplay by Jeffrey Caine & Bruce Feirstein
16  Cold (1996)

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