Mi6_26_picThe latest issue of MI6 Confidential, no.26 in the glossy magazine series, has just been published, with a predominant theme of ‘Unseen Bond’, and is available to purchase through the JBIFC.

The new issue of the magazine is devoted mainly to revisiting rarely-viewed and unused James Bond artwork, exploring unused scenes and stills from the 50-year Bond film series, and discussing some of the draft scripts and other story concepts that ‘might have been’.

Items in issue no.26 include:

  • The artwork, concepts and backstory to the Licence Revoked marketing campaign (this was the original title to Timothy Dalton’s second Bond movie);
  • An inspection of Bruce Feirstein’s original draft of Tomorrow Never Dies;
  • An array of stills and cut scenes that ended up on the cutting-room floor (such as Bond having dinner with Plenty O’Toole in Diamonds Are Forever, Bond posing as a fisherman as part of a protest group in A View To A Kill, and extra funeral scenes shot at Greenwich Naval College for Skyfall);
  • And some detailed analysis of the overall look and storyline of the unmade Bond 17 (which would have been Timothy Dalton’s third 007 adventure).

The new issue of the magazine also contains a profile of Bobby Holland Hanton (the man who was Daniel Craig’s stunt double on Quantum of Solace); a chat with new ‘Young Bond’ author Steve Cole, who gives some teasing hints at what readers can expect to find in his new ‘Young Bond’ book Shoot to Kill (due in November, 2014); and an article on the fascinating but little-known 1960s anti-drugs movie The Poppy Is Also A Flower, which was based on a story treatment written by Ian Fleming shortly before his death in 1964, and was directed by none other than Bond veteran Terence Young.

We strongly suspect the latest issue of MI6 Confidential will be the most popular yet. Add it to your collection.

Buy Mi6 Confidential 26 here

Did You Know?

The JBIFC published its own account of the proposed third Dalton Bond movie back in 2012, and it has proved to be one of our most visited news stories on our website over the last two years. The article is still available to read. Scroll down the ‘news’ section of our site, going back to December, 2012, and look for ‘The 007 film that never was’ (19 December, 2012).

Our news editor Steve also published an article on the intriguing story behind this ‘never was’ Bond treatment in the sadly now-defunct Bond fan publication Universal Exports no.8 (1999).

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