Craig_Austria_007Bond is back! In a press release dated 12th February, the official James Bond site has released the first footage from the new 007 adventure SPECTRE, including a still of Daniel Craig as Bond in action in the mountains of Austria.

Associate Producer Gregg Wilson explained: ‘We have to deliver an amazing sequence and this is going to be one of the major action sequences of the movie. It’s going to be spectacular and Austria seemed to offer everything that we needed to pull it off’.

The new footage includes Daniel as Bond, Lea Seydoux, Dave Bautista and director Sam Mendes. Some brief interviews are also conducted with some of the main behind-the-scenes production team. The footage was taken on the first day of filming at Solden, and viewers can also catch a glimpse of the iconic ‘Ice Q’ restaurant, which will feature at one point in the movie’s Austrian sequences.

Interviewed just prior to filming, Lea Seydoux said she was ‘quite nervous’ at the moment but was also really excited and was looking forward to starting the film.

Production Designer Dennis Gassner said he had talked with Sam Mendes about how they were going to top SKYFALL and added: ‘We are going to continue the history of the Bond films, making things that are exciting for the audience to look at and what could be more exciting than to be on top of the world’.

This verdict was also echoed by Martin Joy, the unit Production Manager in Austria, who said they had ‘stunning scenery’ and ‘incredible locations’.


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