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From a View to a Thrill! An official press release from EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and SONY Pictures has given details on the arrangements for the advance box-office ticket sales for SPECTRE.

And it’s a case of double seven for 007: at 07.00am on Monday 7th September, the box-office for the new James Bond adventure will open across the UK and Ireland, enabling cinema audiences to have the exciting opportunity to book their tickets in advance to see Daniel Craig’s fourth big-screen assignment as the world’s most famous secret agent.

According to the new press release, for the first time ever, the film will open to the cinema-going public on the same night as the World Premiere in London (which is believed to be at the Royal Albert Hall, although this has not been officially confirmed yet). This will give both UK and Irish audiences the opportunity to be the first people in the world to see the hugely-anticipated new James Bond movie, which is the 24th entry in the long-running and hugely-loved franchise.

Following the World Premiere and release in the UK and Ireland on 26th October, 2015, SPECTRE will then begin its rollout in other territories across the globe. The new movie will be released in the USA, for example, on 6th November.

Peter Taylor, Managing Director of SONY Pictures Releasing UK, commented that the success of the previous Sam Mendes-directed 007 film, Skyfall, proved yet again the ‘enduring appetite’ of audiences for ‘great stories from the world of James Bond’. He added: ‘SPECTRE will enhance, continue and develop that world, and we are delighted to give audiences the opportunity to ensure they will be amongst the first to experience it by booking their seats in advance’.

Let the Marketing Begin…

Meanwhile, good indications of the sheer scale of the various marketing campaigns associated with the new Bond movie are beginning to emerge. The drinks company Heineken, which is the world’s third-largest brewer, said they were hoping that their partnering on the new 007 film will help generate even more income than their deal on the previous Craig film (Bond was seen supping their beer in Skyfall).

They said their impending SPECTRE campaign was among an ‘exciting pipeline of campaigns’ the company is involved with in 2015, but the Bond campaign will be one of their biggest.

British clothing manufacturers are also preparing significant tie-in campaigns to help boost their revenue: Craig’s Bond will apparently sport two £200 sweaters from the British clothing brand N.Peal in the new movie.

When it comes to vehicles, not only will we see a new concept Aston Martin (specially made for the film), but the new adventure will also allow audiences to see on screen a Range Rover Sport SVR, a Land Rover Defender and, of course, a Jaguar C-X75. A sales executive for Jaguar told the JBIFC that the link with SPECTRE is already creating new peaks of interest in the company’s products, and they are anticipating ‘further major upward trends’ when the movie hits the box-office.

Did You Know?

In the first Pierce Brosnan Bond movie, Goldeneye (1995), just a quick glimpse of 007 driving a BMW sports car resulted in 10,000 advance orders of the new model.



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