An issue of the free weekly listings magazine ‘ShortList’ in London carried interviews with former James Bond Roger Moore and current 007 Daniel Craig.

In fact, the October 11 issue of ‘ShortList’ (no.246), which appears every Thursday and is distributed free to London’s commuters, was something of a James Bond special, published to help celebrate both the 50th anniversary and also the imminent release of ‘Skyfall’.

As well as interviews with Roger and Daniel, the magazine contained brief articles on a variety of aspects of the world of Bond, including a preview of the new 600-page ‘James Bond Archives’ book, a short piece on collecting Fleming First editions, and brief pieces looking at vintage Bond posters and secret agent ‘style’ and grooming. There was also a ‘Best of Bond’ survey, an article entitled ‘Inside Skyfall’, and a short interview with the new ‘Q’, Ben Whishaw.

In the interview with Sir Roger Moore, when asked about how he thinks the new Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ will age, the former third 007 responded: ‘No different to the ageing process of the other Bonds. They’re all interesting from the point of view of the cars and clothes of the period – though the stunts have changed a great deal. For instance, when I drove the motorised gondola down a tight alleyway in Moonraker, the FX boys put Vaseline down the side of it so I could slip through more easily. They use more animation now’.

Current 007 Daniel Craig, speaking to ShortList’s Andrew Dickens, was asked about his views on what makes a good James Bond film today. Craig said: ‘Packing it with as much as you can. Just making it as exciting and as interesting as possible. If you can do that, and that’s what we’ve attempted to do with this, you’re giving the editor a real headache’.

Craig said at another point: ‘We wanted to make a classic Bond. Not classic in the sense of looking back, but as in something that will stand the test of time. There are major influences from the early Bonds, but it’s set in a very modern world, so it’s kind of throwing those things together’.

On his future as James Bond, Daniel confirmed that he is contracted to do two more 007 movies, and said: ‘As long as I’m getting a kick out of it and people want me to do it, I’ll try to do it. We’ll see…’. Asked whether he ever regretted taking the job of playing 007, Craig responded: ‘No. No. No’.


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