While the world waits for some firm news about Daniel Craig and his participation in Bond 25, those who are eager to see the 007 star back in action on the big screen should look out for his new heist comedy, Logan Lucky, in which he plays another ‘JB’, this time named Joe Bang.

The new movie will be with us pretty soon. Release details have now been circulated about the comedy: it will be released in the USA on August 18th, 2017, and also go on general release in other international markets across the globe shortly afterwards.

Craig’s character Joe Bang will have a distinctive peroxide-blond hairstyle for the new film and, according to various unofficial on-set reports from the American location shooting, he thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to play a rogue, something he has not really been able to do all that much on screen since the earlier stages of his acting career.

With a screenplay by the acclaimed writer Rebecca Blunt, and directed by the award-winning director Steven Soderbergh (who specially came out from self-imposed retirement to take the helm of the film), the new movie has an exciting racing-car backdrop. In fact, with a major car race as a key part of the plot, NASCAR, the leading U.S. racing-car organisation, allowed Soderbergh to capture some early footage for the film at its events, which should make for a fast-paced and gritty look for the movie. Some of the main location filming took place at two locations in Georgia, USA: Douglasville, and Clayton County.

In addition to Craig as Joe Bang, the movie’s quality cast also includes Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough, and Hilary Swank, among others. The British release date for the new comedy has been confirmed as August 25th, 2017.

Return Another Day

Meanwhile, in other Craig filming news, his other new movie, Kings, which is about the infamous LA riots that occurred over six days following the Rodney King trial in 1992, wrapped shooting on February 7th this year and is now in post-production. And, of course, in a big bonus for 007 fans, his co-star in the movie is none other than Halle Berry, the former Bond woman who played the resourceful CIA agent ‘Jinx’ in Pierce Brosnan’s final outing as James Bond, Die Another Day (2002).

Did You Know?

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the veteran 007 screenwriters who have reportedly also been working on a treatment for the next 007 adventure, Bond 25,  were once commissioned by the producers to write a storyline and script for a ‘Jinx’ spin-off movie, also to star Halle Berry. Development work on the film apparently reached a fairly advanced writing stage, and the director Stephen Frears was lined up as director, but (much to the disappointment of Purvis and Wade), the project was cancelled by the main studio, MGM.


A publicity preview still of Daniel Craig as Joe Bang




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