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With only weeks to go before the premiere of the 24th James Bond film, the UK’s Mail on Sunday (27th September) turned its ‘Event’ weekend magazine into a special SPECTRE collectors edition, carrying over 50 pictures and 27 pages connected with the new movie.

With Daniel Craig in his white tuxedo and Lea Seydoux in evening dress on the front cover, the great souvenir magazine provided Mail readers with extensive and glossy coverage of Bond’s latest adventure, including some coverage from the sets of both the Mexican and Austrian locations, some discussion of the 110mph car chase in Rome, and some interesting but very brief speculation on whether Blofeld is among the gathering around the long table in the Boardroom sequence (seen in the official trailer).

A number of the key support cast also gained some nice coverage. Dave Bautista, who plays Mr. Hinx, was presented as the new ‘Oddjob’, and said he thought it was the audition, where he made it look like he was ‘enjoying an ordinary day, torturing some poor guy’, that really caught Sam Mendes’ attention. Andrew Scott, who plays the rather intriguing and devious character Denbigh, said he was impressed with the ‘incredible attention to detail’ on set: ‘The production designers want everything to be authentic. In my office on set, I found some headed notepaper with my character’s name on it, along with business cards’. There was also some comments from Ben ‘Q’ Whishaw and Ralph ‘M’ Fiennes. Whishaw said he now felt like he was ‘part of the Bond family’, while Fiennes – interestingly – said it was ‘a great decision of Sam Mendes to rebuild exactly the Bernard Lee office from the old designs in the earlier movies’.

The ‘Event’ Bond special also contained a series of comments from director Sam Mendes, producer Barbara Broccoli, and stunt co-ordinator Gary Powell, together with some thoughts from  James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. According to Craig, it is ‘an honour’ to play 007: ‘I get such a big kick out of doing it. I had an opportunity with Casino Royale to wipe the slate clean. Although I’m not saying it was the rebirth of Bond – that sounds conceited – I was a huge fan of Bond before. But I couldn’t just do a movie where I would straighten my tie and drink a Martini. It’s all been done. It had to happen in the right direction. And we’ve done that. That for me, as an actor, is so important’.

The ‘Event’ special also offered its readers some great stills and interviews with Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci, plus some brief comments from Naomie Harris and Stephanie Sigman (‘Estrella’ in the Mexican sequences). With further sections on the letters of Ian Fleming, Bond’s gadgets, and Bond’s dining habits and love of great food and drink, plus a review of the new Aston Martin by Chris Evans, there was more than enough to please dedicated 007 aficionados everywhere.

Perhaps the last word should be left to Barbara Broccoli. ‘Event’ quoted the Bond producer as saying: ‘The films are escapist entertainment but they also reflect the times. You look back through the series and you can see where the world was at different times. We try to keep them as kind of contemporary as possible’.

SPECTRE will be premiered at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 26th October. Are you ready??

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