James Bond co-producer Michael G. Wilson was a special guest on the BBC’s ‘Breakfast’ programme on Monday May 21, which also screened the very first airing of the new trailer for ‘Skyfall’.

The ‘Breakfast’ programme, presented by Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid, screened the exciting new trailer at 8.40am and, just after, Wilson was interviewed by the two presenters, alongside film critic James King. When asked whether filming had finished yet, the Bond producer responded: ‘Almost, almost’ – he said they were ‘almost finished’ and ‘there is about a week left’. Wilson added: ‘It’s been a long haul, but it’s going to be worth it’. When asked how he rated Daniel Craig as 007, Wilson said: ‘He’s fantastic’.

Wilson revealed that they had just come back from Turkey and are going to ‘finish up’ in the studios with some pick-up shots. In relation to the editing process, he said they edited as they went along, but said ‘Skyfall’ will ‘probably’ be longer than ‘Quantum of Solace’: he said he thinks it will be a two-hour film. When asked about the theme song to the movie, Wilson was non-committal.

The film critic James King, in his contribution, reminded viewers that it has been four years since the last Bond movie and so, as this is also the 50th Anniversary of the Bond film series, the sense of anticipation is really high; he also pointed out that this film has a heavy-weight cast, plus an Oscar-winning director in Sam Mendes. King was also clearly enthusiastic about ‘Skyfall’ having just seeing the trailer.

The ‘Breakfast’ interview also saw a range of props from the James Bond movies being discussed, including the famous ‘Golden Gun’ used by Scaramanga, Oddjob’s steel-rimmed hat from ‘Goldfinger’, Rosa Klebb’s spiked shoe, and James Bond’s passport (with Craig’s photo on it). Wilson revealed that the latter was a real passport; as the Bond movie-makers wanted as much authenticity as possible, the passport had actually been issued in the name of James Bond by the British Government’s real passport people!

The new James Bond film will hit UK cinemas on October 26, and the new trailer has already been received very enthusiastically by many 007 fans, both in the UK and around the globe.

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