by Greg Williams

(Dorling Kindersley) Hardcover, 128 pages, £25 ISBN-10 1405316586 – 26 th October 2006

Writing about this handsome, coffee-table, official photographic record of the filming of Daniel Craig’s 007 debut is like dancing about architecture – Greg Williams says it all with his camera.

These pictures are large, candid, atmospheric and playful vignettes of CR and include shots of Daniel Craig at a preparing for the role at a firing range, a wonderful doubleshot of Craig with his stunt double in a mirror and a lovely cast and crew group shot at the end. Williams explained how his photojournalism past informs his work on film sets, “In my portraits I now use the same lighting found on film sets, and recreate compositions from my reportage. I also encourage actors to perform rather than just pose. In that way the portraits and reportage have started to converge as one style.” (The British Journal of Photography , 22.11.2006).
An automatic purchase for any film fan and aficionado of the Bond aesthetic.


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