Bond is back, and better than ever! The first SPECTRE teaser trailer was released on Friday 27th March at 11.45pm (GMT), and it has provided 007 fans across the globe with a brief but beguiling glimpse of the atmospheric storyline that is currently being put together by director Sam Mendes and his production team.

The trailer opens with a wide view of Vauxhall Bridge in London, seen from the vantage point of the River Thames, and viewers can clearly discern the damaged and derelict MI6 headquarters that was on the receiving end of a massive bomb in the previous 007 adventure, Skyfall.

The viewer then learns from Miss Moneypenny (Naomie Harris), in conversation with Daniel Craig’s 007, that the MI6 ‘forensics’ people have released some of Bond’s personal effects that were recovered from ‘Skyfall’, his ancestral home in Scotland that, as with the MI6 building, was also destroyed.

James Bond is then seen in his London flat, quietly looking at these personal items and mulling over Moneypenny’s comments that James has ‘a secret’. Bond is seen looking in particular at an old black-and-white photo, which has three figures posing against an Alpine mountains backdrop; moreover, the image is clearly bringing back some haunting memories of a dark episode in 007’s distant past.

The new teaser trailer also includes a beautiful shot of Craig’s 007 rowing across an Austrian lake, and Bond is also seen entering a wooden lakeside building, gun at the ready. A bearded ‘Mr. White’ (played in a welcome return by Danish actor Jesper Christiensen) is also briefly seen, and White comments to 007: ‘I always knew death would wear a familiar face, but not yours’. In another short but excellent piece of dialogue, Mr. White warns Bond that he is ‘on a kite dancing on a hurricane’.

The trailer also includes a eye-catching shot of a gold ring with the iconic Spectre ‘Octopus’ symbol on it, and our first look at the new Aston Martin DB10 on screen.

But perhaps the most tantalising scene for viewers is left – naturally – for the final moments of the new trailer: there is a darkly atmospheric shot of Bond entering a special meeting of some kind, with a rather ominous-sounding figure chairing the meeting and speaking slow words of welcome to 007. Could this be…? We can only speculate.

Although the figure is not revealed in full profile, this is clearly Christoph Waltz, in a truly teasing and well-constructed shot of the Austrian actor sitting at a table with other attendees, who are also sitting quietly in shadow on either side of him.

As far as teasing an audience is concerned, Sam Mendes can definitely say ‘mission accomplished’. And we love it!

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