Issue 24 Out Now

Mi6 Issue 24

In This Issue

  • Scripting Bond – Purvis & Wade reflect on their time with Bond in an exclusive interview
  • Forty Years In Film – Director John Glen recalls his rise through the ranks of 007 filmmakers
  • Licence to Thrill – How Carey Lowell & Talisa Soto were cast opposite Timothy Dalton
  • Not Exactly Rocket Science – Denise Richards shares her experiences shooting in the UK
  • Best of Barry – Just some of the highlights of John Barry’s soundtracks for Bond
  • Unexpected Sex, Violence & Bad Language – How the public reacted to a grittier 007
  • How To Eat Like James Bond – A study of James Bond’s diet, and some recipes to follow
  • The Bond Connection – Behind the scenes with the production team of ‘Fleming’

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